3 Scarves To Add To Your Scarf Collection


Starting out with your own scarf collection can be an exciting prospect but also daunting to a newbie; after all, you don’t want to be stuck with an expensive scarf that you will hardly use. Choosing the right scarves to start your collection is easy and simple. Below are the ones that you will need to start your collection.

Oversized Scarves

If you live in a cold country, then purchasing an oversized scarf is your best bet. Not only will you keep your neck and upper body warm and comfy, you can also share it with another person since oversized scarves can normally fit two individuals. Choose one that is made of cotton to keep you warm without overheating yourself. Cotton scarves are also hypoallergenic which is great for people who have sensitive skin.

Knitted Scarves

For fashionistas out there, knitted scarves are the perfect accessory to complete an otherwise dull and plain outfit. Knitted scarves can come in plain colors or multicolored. Some have simple designs and others have complex ones. Knitted scarves are also versatile in that you can wear these with casual attire and even formal ones. Opt for light colored ones during the spring time and warm colors for winter.

Cashmere Scarves

If there is one luxurious accessory that you should buy, then the cashmere scarf is it. Cashmere scarves are expensive but great investments. Scarves made from 100% cashmere material are not only soft, but also lightweight, warm and durable – a perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.

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