Cashmere And Silk – Luxurious Women’s Fashion Scarves


Are you looking to add to your scarf collection? Why not invest in a cashmere or silk scarf? Cashmere and silk are two of the most coveted scarves that every woman dreams of adding to their scarf collection. Although exorbitantly expensive, scarves made from these fabrics are not only the best of the best around, but if you want to invest in your wardrobe, then these two would be your best bet.


High quality cashmere is expensive. Yes and No. The price of the scarf depends on where the fibre originates from and how much of it is used to create the scarf. Cashmere that has a high price tag usually is made from expensive materials such as the undercoats of the Kashmir goats found in the mountainous Kashmir region. The goats live in harsh environment resulting to them producing undercoats that are ultra-soft and fine. Harvesting these hairs tends to be a long process and since the goats only shed once during spring, the raw material is limited. The softest wool is separated and made into scarves or coats.


Pure silk scarves are expensive but would last longer due to the fabric’s natural resiliency. The silk comes from the Bombyx mori worm species which produces fine and high quality silk. The silk cocoon is harvested after 20 to 35 days or when the pupae starts undergoing the chrysalis stage. The cocoon is boiled and steamed to soften it. The raw silk is then separated depending on the quality, size and color and the fine silk threads are then used to produce silk scarves.

There is a variety of cashmere and silk scarves that are sold today. Scarves that contain 100% cashmere or silk tend to be expensive because of the long and intensive process for them. That said, the high quality material not only provides comfort, it also serves as great insulation (especially with cashmere) and is durable enough that it would serve one for a long time.

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