Men Can Look Good And Fashionable With Scarves


Scarves are often associated with women’s fashion. However only a few people know that men wear scarves long before these were associated with fashion. Men often use scarves not for fashion but as a protection especially during cold winter months. Nowadays, scarves are no longer strictly for utilitarian use but also as an accessory.

For Business

Men’s scarves are as versatile as that for women. Long and rectangular scarves are ideal accessories to pair with business or formal attire. These scarves are usually made from different materials such as cotton, cashmere, linen and silk, depending on the weather condition.

For Special Events

An evening scarf is the perfect accessory for males who are attending formal events. These scarves are usually made of alpaca, merino wool and cashmere. Since the event is formal, most colors are dark or conservative and designs are usually paisley or plaid prints. These scarves are often hidden behind a man’s overcoat or top coat with only the neck area exposed.

Casual/Sports Wear

These scarves are the male versions of infinity scarves where the latter forms a circular loop and one just needs to pull to their neck areas. These scarves not only keep the neck area warm but can also be pulled up to protect other areas of the face including the mouth, nose and ears. They are a safe alternative especially for sports enthusiasts as they don’t untangle and are easy to use.

Fashion Scarves

Fashion scarves are usually made of high quality materials such as silk, pashmina and linen. The scarves do not serve any utilitarian purpose but only as a fashion statement. Most fashion scarves feature prints and other designs.

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