Pashmina – A Touch Of Elegance


Here at My Scarf Shop we have a beautiful collection of coloured and patterned pashmina which will accompany any outfit to make you look elegant and sophisticated. Pashmina are the perfect addition to any dress or casual outfit and is a nice little addition when attending weddings, a ball, or a day out at the Ascot horse racing.

What are pashmina made from?

Pashmina are primarily made from the fur of the Kashmir goat but here at My Scarf Shop you will find our pashmina are made from a variety of fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere, and acrylic. All of which add a level of beauty and glamour to an outfit.

How are pashmina worn?

Pashmina can be worn in a number of ways to complement your style. For instance, the pashmina is traditionally worn over the shoulder draped down by your side, however they can also be worn as a scarf or even a head scarf depending on the occasion.

Pashmina care

For most pashmina it is usually best practice to dry clean. Our acrylic pashmina, however, can be washed on a cool wash and ironed at wool temperature (often found as a pre set on most irons).

Most of the pashmina here at My Scarf Shop are lightweight but at the same time very warm, so in the winter you can show off that beautiful dress without covering it up with a bulky overcoat!

You will find prices here at My Scarf Shop can vary quite a bit. Prices begin with a very reasonable £5.99, whereas our highest quality pashmina can cost up to £130.00. So we are confident you’ll definitely find the perfect pashmina to match your budget.

So if you have anything from a wedding, a work event, a night out at the theatre, or anything in between, make sure to add one of these stylish and sophisticated Plain pashmina to your wardrobe.


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