Bundle Up With These Winter Scarves


Winter is like the thief in the night robbing us of summer’s glorious heat. That said, winter is officially here and before we are left with runny noses and dry skin, it is best to bundle up and protect ourselves from the harsh weather. Wearing a scarf not only protects our skin from the cold, but also accentuate our outfit. Below are some of the winter scarves that we love.

Cowl Scarves

These scarves might sound weird but these cowl scarves are actually similar to eternity scarves. The only difference is that you simply slip the scarf over your head and you’re done. As most of them are longer, you can loop these twice or thrice and protect your neck and chin area from the cold. They are also cheaper and come in different designs so you can buy one or two to match with your outfit.

Knitted Scarves

If you love sweats then knitted scarves are just the perfect add-on to your outfit. These scarves tend to be longer and are meant to be worn in an oversized fashion and we love how they look as they make us look younger while still keeping us warm and cozy.

Oversized Scarves

These scarves are perfect as they keep us bundled up whether going out for a walk or just sitting in our sofa chairs. The oversized scarves are normally made with plaid or tartan designs and can be wrapped up all over your body. That said, you can also drape one of these several times around your shoulder area to use as an accessory to your winter outfit in the morning and unravel during the night to keep you warm when attending parties or going out for a walk.

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