Fashion Trends – Celebrities Wearing Winter Scarves


If you are looking for a fashion guide on how to wear winter scarves, then look no further than your favorite celebrities. If you can’t afford a personal shopper, then your favorite celebrity can help you learn styles and how to pair them with outfits as well. Below are some of our favorite celebrities and how they look wearing winter scarves.

Olsen Sisters

May Kate and Ashley Olsen are two of our favorite fashion icons; although not celebrities, their fashion empire certainly earned for them the rights. Their outfits are usually somber but perfect outfits for people who are into business or multinational companies. Our favorite is Ashley wearing an oversized blue scarf wrapped around her neck area several times and paired with a blue top and navy blue leather pants with an oversized coat over it all.

Lea Michele

For a cold windy day, follow Lea Michele’s look. She topped her casual wear with an infinity scarf that not only keeps her warm and cozy, it also adds an element of style to her casual outfit. Choose to pair a dark scarf with light outfits and vice versa to create an interesting look.

Hillary Duff

For an edgy and bad girl look, opt for Hillary Duff’s outfit. Duff wears a leather jacket and completes the look with an oversized grey scarf. The outfit not only screams of bad girl awesome look but also warms her up at the same time. Finish the look with leather pants and boots and you are ready to go and have a fun night.



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